Attic Insulation Removal

Attic Insulation Removal

Cosy Insulation & Roofing offers extensive insulation removal services.

Cosy Insulation & Roofing utilizes a high powered vacuum system that removes loose fill and wood chip insulation. The old insulation and waste is bagged, sealed, and removed from your location.

Structural Changes:

Removal of insulation is a common practice when remodelling your house. If you think your home renovation might require attic insulation removal or installation, please give us a call.

Smoke Damage:

If your home or property has become exposed to fire or smoke, attic insulation removal will be required in order to completely eliminate the scent of smoke.

Electric Work:

Many electricians will not perform their services unless the insulation has already been removed. If left in place, the insulation will be disturbed by the electrician and will need to be upgraded.